Marvel at the 360-Degree Art at the Gasometer Pforzheim

Marvel at the 360-Degree Art at the Gasometer Pforzheim

The outside of the converted Gasometer

All I can say after checking out the impressive 360-degree photo installation in the Gasometer Pforzheim is, "wow"!

It was one of the stops along the Waldensian and Huguenot cultural route in Baden Wurttemberg, Germany. Though the route was originally walked by the Waldensian religious refugees in the 1100s, and the gasometer clearly came long after that, it's one of the many interesting sites along the trail and definitely worth checking out.


The Gasometer was a building meant to provide energy to the surrounding area. Thanks to modern innovation, it is no longer needed for this purpose and has since been converted into an art museum.

The photographic installation inside is a giant panoramic photograph by Yadegar Asisi who has similar photographs of the Berlin wall in Berlin, along with other cityscapes in Dresden and Leipzig.

The current installation in the Gasometer depicts ancient Rome in the year 312- a scene of ancient daily life and Emperor Constantine, which morphs thanks to music and light from day to night in the span of 15 minutes.  General admission costs €11.


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