London by Night: Black Cabs and Double-Deckers

London by Night: Black Cabs and Double-Deckers

Walking in the streets of London is an experience per se.

What I find particularly interesting is the "contrast" between what's very British, such as the black cabs and double-deckers, and the multitude of different cultures that coexist in the same city.

In fact, there is no contrast whatsoever. This is London!

I took this picture in the Green Park area, Central London, while walking to Covent Garden and soaking in as much as I could of the atmosphere. In order to obtain the effect of everything blurry except the bus, I used the "panning" technique: follow the object you are shooting using a longish shutter speed.

For me, London never looked so beautiful. I had a Perfect Day!

You can read more about what I did on the same day here on British Airways Facebook page:


Travel Photo shared by Giulia Cimarosti

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