The Ljubljana Beer Experience

The Ljubljana Beer Experience

No trip to Ljubljana is ever complete until you’ve tasted all the craft beers there are to offer.

We decided in order to learn all about the Ljubljana beer culture from a local perspective, we’d join the Ljubljana Beer Experience for an evening of great conversation and cool facts.

We stopped at five different bars/pubs/breweries and tried eight different beers from Ljubljana and the surrounding regions in Slovenia.

While some people may have claimed ‘Slovenia produces fantastic wine, but sub-par beer’, we can reassure you that Slovenia’s new craft beer scene has already won the hearts of many.


Here’s a few of our favorites from the tour:

  • The Human Fish: A family-owned microbrewery based in Vrhnika offers a delicious and slightly fruity IPA. However, we have to admit the legend of the name ‘Human Fish’ is what sold us.

  • Mali Grad: We took our first sample of Mali Grad on the river side of Ljubljana, but then headed straight to Kamnik (where the founders established the microbrewery) to try a few more versions of the Mali Grad.

  • Bevog: Everyone seems to know that this beer was produced only a couple short kilometres outside of Slovenia (in Austria), but it’s owned by Slovenian’s and produced in Austria simply because it can be. While the beer tastes great, their labelling is even cooler!


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