Korigad Fort, Mahrashtra: A Panoramic View After the Night Trek

Korigad Fort, Mahrashtra: A Panoramic View After the Night Trek

Basic Info:

Korigad is a beautiful fort located near Lonala and is approximately 80 kms away from Pune. It is about 3050 feet from the sea level and the trek is pretty easy.

The main attractions at Korigad are the two caves and two large ponds. A few temples on the fort which have some good structure and carvings.


How to reach Korigad:

Korigad is located near Amby valley and very near to the popular Tung fort. The base village is Peth Shahpur. Once you reach lonavala you can ask the locals for directions towards Peth Shahpur and the locals at the base village can guide you later to reach the base of the fort.
Please go by your own vehicles as there are very few options of transport from Lonavala to the base village of Korigad.

Alternatively you could also go via the Ambavne village route. We recommend that you go via the Peth Shahpur route as it is much simple to trek with 500 plus steps. This alternate route is a bit hard and in the monsoon season the trek is quite difficult.


Difficulty Level and Other Tips:

The trek is pretty simple and it would take just an hour to reach to the top of the fort. 
There is no potable water on the fort. So ensure that you take enough water with you, that is, atleast 3 litres per person if you are going for a one day trek.


Camping info:

There are a few temples on the fort which can be used as a shelter if you are planning for overnight treks. Ensure that you clean the temple before you leave. Do not pollute the fort and the surroundings.
If you are going for camping during the winters, make sure that you take a lot of insulating material with you to protect you from the cold.


What to see on the fort: 

  • 2 Large ponds
  • Korlaidevi temple
  • Ganesh temple
  • Fortification of the fort
  • Beautiful views of the surrounding valley