The Himalayas and Phewa Lake

The Himalayas and Phewa Lake

The Himalayas and Phewa Tal in Pokhara , Nepal by Tania Mukherjee

The day was beautiful and the morning Sun was gleaming bright. It was also the day I had completed two back to back hiking trails.

I hired a boat from the town of Pokhara to cross the Phewa lake. As the oarsman waited for my return on the shores of the lake I found the trail in the woods. I just kept following it and suddenly I was in a humble Himalayan 'cafe' deep inside the forest!

Buying some chocolates I bid adieu to the friendly staff and continued walking uphill.

Finally when I reached the summit, all the fatigue from my body got washed away.

The entire town of Pokhara was standing beneath me. I can spend an entire day complimenting the glistening blue water of the Phewa lake  and an entire life praising the grandeur of the whitewashed Himalayas!

If you find yourself in Pokhara someday, don't miss this!

Apart from the jungle trail, Shanti stupa can also be reached by car/bicycle. There is a proper road to it. Please bear in mind the forest is inhabited by wild animals and meandering from the obvious trail is not advisable.


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