The Hazards: Freycinet National Park

The Hazards: Freycinet National Park

the Hazards, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

The Hazards as seen from a beach at Coles Bay, a small settlement on the east coast of Tasmania, lying 192km north east of Hobart.

The small town lies on the north end of Great Oyster Bay, and serves as the gateway to Freycinet National Park.

The mountains are made of granite, and get their slight pink colouring from orthoclase (feldspar) which is one of the most common minerals in the granite alongside micas and quartz which give the rock it's black and white colouring.

From left to right are Mount Parsons, Mount Dove and Mount Amos, with the latter two being the more widely known. The walking track to the Wineglass Bay lookout lies beside Mount Amos.

Walking up Mount Amos rewards you with a full 360 degree view of Wineglass Bay and its surroundings, and is estimated to take approximately 3 hours for the return journey. Although the Hazards aren't particularly hazardous, you'll still want to take proper walking boots though, as parts of the track can be steep and slippery, particularly if you're climbing in the rain.


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