Hanging on Kalymnos Island - Greece

Hanging on Kalymnos Island - Greece

Rock climbing on Kalymnos Island, Greece.

Mythology has it that Kalymnos got its name from the Titan Kalydnos, who was the son of Gaea ("Earth") and Uranus ("Heaven").

This small Greek island in the south-eastern Aegean Sea belongs to the Dodecanese and is about 300 kilometers south east of Athens. It has 15,500 permanent inhabitants, most of which live in Pothia, the capital of the island.

It is well known as the sponge fishers island. The sea has always been a focal element in the local life, which has preserved its traditional character, colour and style to a great extent. It is a mountainous island with impressive rocky crags, nude of trees, but with plentiful aromatic plants, such as thyme, sage, thrimbe and oregano.

Kalymnos is one of the few rock climbing areas whose protection is certified by professional mountain guides.

It is surrounded by a number of small islands, only two of which are inhabited, Pserimos and Telendos. Telendos is sometimes called the Sleeping Princess, and was part of Kalymnos until a volcano eruption separated the two islands in AD 535.


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