Great Karoo in South Africa - Takes a Traveller's Breath Away

Great Karoo in South Africa - Takes a Traveller's Breath Away

The Great Karoo offers landscapes to take a traveller's breath away.

The Northern Cape area of South Africa has very low population and visitors can drive for hours, drinking in the stark landscapes without passing a single soul.

The beauty is understated, a quiet strength and majesty of land that was once under the ocean but is semi arid today. The ancient land holds a fascinating history and has beautiful stories to tell. This region was the inspiration of Olive Schreiner when she wrote "An African Farm".


Land and beauty aside, a word must be written on the food, the people and the accommodation.

Fresh, rich country cuisine is what you will get, for great value for money. It is not easy going to vegetarians though, lamb is the staple in the Karoo, but boy is it delicious, there is a reason that Karoo lamb is a delicacy in the rest of the country.

Accommodation in the area tends to be good value for money because it is not a primary tourist destination. This photograph was taken on a guest farm with self catering accomodation, a bit on the luxurious side but typically of the Karoo, value for money.


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