Golfing in Ljubljana? Say What?!

Golfing in Ljubljana? Say What?!

Golfing in Ljubljana at the Ljubljana Sport Center
Taking some 'selfies' at the Ljubljana Golf Center
Golfing in Ljubljana at the Ljubljana Sport Center
Learning how to golf with a PGA player at the Ljubljana Golf Center
Golfing in Ljubljana at the Ljubljana Sport Center
Drinking some beer after an awesome round of golf in Slovenia

When I first told my family and friends that I was going golfing in Ljubljana, there were certainly a few questions to be asked.

- Why Ljubljana?
- There’s golfing in Slovenia?
- Do you even know how to golf?

While I might not have known all those answers upon arrival, I can certainly answer them all with confidence now that I’ve tried it.


Why Golf in Ljubljana?

Why not? Why do you golf in other parts of the world? Because they’re beautiful.

Ljubljana is one of the greenest cities I’ve ever visited in Europe and has also been voted as the European Green Capital of 2016. Now you can imagine why one would golf in Ljubljana. You can grab a beer and some clubs and head out on a course surrounded by the Slovenian Alps. So again I ask, why not?


There’s golfing in Slovenia?

There sure is! There’s actually quite a few courses around Ljubljana city, but it’s worth noting that you’ll need a license to play on many of their courses. While we didn’t have the time to complete the course ourselves, it typically takes a few days to complete at a minimum. If you’re looking for an easy course with beautiful views and no license required, there’s the Sport Ljubljana Golf Center.


Do you even know how to golf?

Well, I do now! We had the opportunity to head out to the Ljubljana Sport and Leisure Facilities owned by the City of Ljubljana. Here, we didn’t require a license and the course was small enough for some practice, but tricky enough for those who aren’t just starting out (I managed 5/5 balls in the pond on one of the holes).

The best part about the day was that we were accompanied by a local coach from Ljubljana Sport who also happened to be a previous PGA player. That’s why I know how to golf now. He taught me about my posture, my swing and my follow through. By now,  I’m pretty confident I can show off my moves at the next golfing adventure.

Overall, the golf centre was well maintained and a perfect size for everyone to play on. I might not be ready for a real 18 hole course yet, but I’m definitely interested in learning more!


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