Fresh Cuisine in Korcula Town, Croatia

Fresh Cuisine in Korcula Town, Croatia

The varied, distinct cuisine of Croatia differs between a Mediterranean seafood-based menu along the Dalmation Coast and a more Eastern European strudel influence inland.

But the key to finding the best local-food restaurants is to explore the narrow streets that branch off of the touristy centers of town.

Korcula Town on Korcula Island is filled with many differnet restaurant choices. From pizzerias to bakeries, it is down the narrow alleys where you will find little hidden gems, which excel in serving up the freshest local flavor to both tourists and natives alike.  

These restaurants tend to be smaller in size, with just a few tables situated on the cobblestone street in the alley, and its kitchen is uniquely located just across the way. Not only can you watch the chefs prepare entrees while sipping on a glass of wine, but the delicious aroma streams from the kitchen and into the air. These outdoor restaurants provide diners a relaxed environment to enjoy Croatia's local flavor. 

To experience Croatian cuisine, a sailing holiday with MedSailors gives travelers the opportunity to try different foods of the region while visiting the Dalmatian Islands. From fresh farmers' markets to authentic restaurants, each island offers a unique taste of Croatia. And travelers will taste the local food with freshly prepared breakfast and lunch aboard the yacht during the sailing holiday.


Insiders Tip:

Korcula produces some of the country's most famed dry white wines. So when looking for a nice pairing with a seafood dish, order a glass of Posip to accompany your meal.


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