Fort of Jhansi in Central India

Fort of Jhansi in Central India

The fort of Jhansi (town in Central India) was constructed in the year 1613 AD.

You can see the ramparts of the fort in this picture.

This fort is a part of Indian folklore as it was held by the legendary Rani (Queen) Laxmibai until it was captured by the Britishers in the year 1857 AD.

You'll find the fort in the middle of the city Jhansi, on the hilltop of Bangira in Northern India. The architecture of the fort is typical for Northern India.


Tickets cost around:

  • domestic adult: 5 INR (=0.07$)
  • foreigner: 100 INR (=1.40$)

Opening hours: 6 am till 6 pm on all days