The Fishing Boats of Paternoster - Charming

The Fishing Boats of Paternoster - Charming

This is how I always remember the seaside village of Paternoster.  

This ruggedly beautiful spot along South Africa's West Coast has become way more than just a spot to buy fish and chips or pass by whilst road tripping.  

More and more South Africans fall for Paternoster's charm as soon as they lay eyes on the colourful fishing boats moored after a long hard day at sea.  The white washed houses that hug the coastline will let you know that you've arrived.  

This town never has to try to hard to impress its visitors!

There are no big hotels, flashy tour buses or vendors trying to get your money.  Just bokkoms ( dried fish) hanging up in the sun, locals selling marked-down crayfish and the West Coast wind which seldom ceases to blow.