Exploring Predjama Castle in Slovenia

Exploring Predjama Castle in Slovenia

The Predjama Castle in Slovenia is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The castle clings to a 123 meters steep mountain face and looks quite impossible to access from below.
Predjama Castle is the largest cave castle in the world and it is filled with mystery and great stories that span a period of over 800 years.

The story of the castle as a safe haven

The earliest parts of the castle were built quite simply, but over the centuries more sections and rooms were added, making the castle safe from intruders. Over the course of its history, the castle has had many different owners including some really interesting peopke and stories that are attached to it. One of the most famous owners was the robber baron Erazem of Predjama who during a siege in the 15th century seeked protection in the castle. The cave systems beneath and behind the castle made it possible for him to stay safe from his besiegers inside the castle for over a year. A secret shaft led from the cave system to the surface above, making it easy to bring in supplies without the enemy noticing. To show that he had no trouble getting supplies he would throw cherries from the castle towards the men outside. Erazem was killed by a catapult stone hitting the toilet he was using in the middle of the night.

Exploring the Castle

A guided tour around the castle is recommended as you walk through a labyrinth of rooms, stairs, caves and towers. Some of the most interesting things in the exhibition area are a small chapel, a lovely bedroom, a torture chamber and a room filled with replicas of various weapons like spears and halberds, swords, warhammers, bows and crossbows and armours. You can also take a closer look at stone bullets found inside the castle after various attacks shot from catapults and cannons. Don’t miss looking down the defense holes built over the entrance area. If you were not welcome, you'd be greeted with falling stones or hot, boiling oil from the watchtowers.

Be Adventurous

If you visit Predjama Castle during the summer months you can also explore the cave system beneath the castle. In the winter season there are thousands of bats hibernating there and this cave is therefore inaccessible. For the true adventurer seeking a really exciting tour you should check out the possibility of joining a guided flashlight climbing expedition up the secret shaft that was used by Erazem and his men.
Predjama Castle is located around 65 kilometers outside the slovenian capital Ljubljana and is perfect for a daytrip.
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