Exploring Ljubljana by Bike is a Great Idea

Exploring Ljubljana by Bike is a Great Idea

Cycling in the City of Ljubljana
Cycling past the River Ljublianica
Cycling in the City of Ljubljana
Tasting some delicious complimentary liqueur
Biking past some city bubbles
Climbing the pyramid constructed on the old Roman Wall
Hanging out at the Cat Caffe
It's time for some champagne!
Some delicious ice cream!

While you may be able to walk through the city centre of Ljubljana by foot in 30 minutes, exploring Ljubljana by bicycle is a ton of fun. Exploring the beautiful and cultural old town of Ljubljana is not just about walking from one end to the other, it’s about exploring all the side streets and nooks along the way just to find unique restaurants and creative shops worth visiting.

We took a tour which began in the centre of the city and took us through all the city highlights and along the river Ljubljanica, but there’s more to this experience than the tour description offered.

It certainly helped that we had an awesome guide, Simone, taking us through the city, but she also allowed us to alter the tour any way we liked to make it more memorable.


For example:

  • We had Simone teach us all about the crazy cool garbage machines in the city (weird, right? But so cool)

  • We stopped off for some free samples of honey and blueberry liqueur

  • And then some of the cities best ice cream!

  • We learned all about the Cat Caffe, home to 7 cats and attractive to a whole load of cat lovers

  • We made a pit stop to the Botanic Gardens and were treated to a mid-day snack at the garden cafe

  • We biked along the river Ljubljanica only to stumble upon a private party at the Špica Caffe in which we were offered complimentary glasses of Veuve Clicquot Champagne

  • After a delicious glass of champagne, we climbed the Plečnik Pyramid along the Roman Wall

  • And then ended for a bit of relaxation at Tivoli Park

While we can’t promise you that you’ll see the same, the Exploring Ljubljana by Bicycle tour offered a ton of flexibility to explore exactly what we love.


Travel tip shared by Jenna for Travel Dudes.

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