D.I.Y. Fun at the Lake Muhazi, Rwanda

D.I.Y. Fun at the Lake Muhazi, Rwanda

I am a big promoter and supporter of domestic travel in Africa — Africans traveling to discover their countries and continent — and I’m up for anything that involves getting my people out of our usual comfort zone.

Starting out close to home, a couple of weeks ago for a public holiday some friends and I set off for Lake Muhazi here in Rwanda, the lake my grandparents grew up around.

It is one hour outside Kigali and is a great spot for a day trip or a weekend getaway. It winds its way around small peninsulas, terraced hills and family homes.

There are a few lake-side restaurants and bars that are fun to go to and we ran into families, couples and groups of friends relaxing by the water, playing games and taking in the sunshine.

I would highly recommend a trip to Lake Muhazi to any visitor to Rwanda.

Except for food and drinks at some venues, Muhazi is a DIY adventure. Bring your own music, picnic blankets, and various forms of entertainment. We played “bananagrams”—a game I still believe is made up. There are boat rides offered on the lake by local operators and there is plenty of space if one prefers a secluded spot.

Some spots let you bring your own drinks but most soft drinks, beer and liquors are available at these places as well as food. However, there is a cautionary tale: try to make sure the fish is fresh and if you’re not sure I recommend the grilled chicken and brochettes (kebabs).


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