The Cuban Cowboys (Vaqueros) Horses

The Cuban Cowboys (Vaqueros) Horses

A beautiful tableau of limestone mogotes, underground caverns and fertile farmland, Cuba's Pinar del Rio Province enjoys a well earned reputation as one of the country’s most spectacular natural settings.

Exploring this scenic haven on horseback we follow in the footsteps of Cuba’s traditional vaqueros (cowboys), riding across landscapes that have changed little in centuries. Spending between four to five hours in the saddle each day, we will journey through the foothills of the Alturas Pizzarosas, taking in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Viñales Valley and Cuba’s most famous tobacco growing region in the process.

Camping each evening of the ride, we enjoy Cuban hospitality and home-cooked food, before heading back to the vibrant streets of Havana for a final night amidst the grandeur of one of the finest colonial cities in the Americas.


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