Can You Imagine Sleeping in the Treetops of Slovenia?

Can You Imagine Sleeping in the Treetops of Slovenia?

Experience Treetops Accommodation
Laying in the Experience Treetops
Laying in the Experience Treetops
Selfies out our front door of Experience Treetops
Aerial Views of Slovenia

Can you imagine waking up to the sunrise, surrounded by nothing but the sounds of nature, birds chirping and the scent of freshly baked bread and breakfast lying beneath your bed?

This experience is exactly what Experience Treetops has created in the middle of the Slovenian countryside and only a 45 minutes drive away from the city center of Ljubljana.

If the rain hadn’t have gotten there before we did, we would have been able to spend a splendid night in these hanging beds after our awesome adventures at the Geoss Adventure Park. However, we did manage to spend a little time by day in the beds instead so that we could share our amazing experiences with you!


So, what’s so special about these hanging beds?

  • It’s a romantic spot and fits two people comfortably

  • They’re hanging on trees, duh!

  • You can choose your own tree (each tree has its own energy, offering different views and different experiences): walnut, hornbeam, birch

  • You’re in the middle of a meadow surrounded by nature

  • You can hear the sounds of the birds

  • You have beautiful views of the Moravška Valley and the hills of Trojanski


If that doesn’t make you fall in love, they also offer you a romantic homemade dinner for two by candle light. They set up a campfire and deliver to your oasis, a steaming hot pot of local soup, fresh baked bread and an ice cold bottle of wine or champange. You also get breakfast in bed made by a local villager so that you can camp out a little longer while enjoying the views.

What do you think? Who is joining me?


Travel tip shared by Jenna for Travel Dudes.

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