Cairo at Night - The Capital of One Thousand Minarets

Cairo at Night - The Capital of One Thousand Minarets

Cairo has been the capital of Egypt since its construction one thousand years ago.

It was built by the Fatimate leader Jawhar Al Sekelly on the orders of Al Moez Le'Deen El Allah, the caliph who wanted to have a protected capital to the jewel of his crown Egypt.

Since that time Cairo has been expanded considerably until it has become the largest capital in the Arab world and Africa with a population of about 20 million comprising nearly the third of Egypt population.


One of the famous names of Cairo has been "The Capital of One Thousand Minarets"  although this name is not accurate since there are more than ten times this number of mosques in Cairo today.

Cairo has the Islamic characteristics of Egypt while the Pharaonic features are part of the character of its neighboring city Giza. Every body knows that the famous Egyptian pyramids are in Giza while few people know that Giza is one of three cities that comprise Greater Cairo. These cities or governorates according to the Egyptian administration system are Cairo, Giza and Kalyobia. Each of these three governorates has a governor appointed by Egypt president.


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