Bustling Markets at Christmas in St Germain, Paris

Bustling Markets at Christmas in St Germain, Paris

I had a memory of Paris at Christmas time. I was lucky enough to go last year.

I hate the cold, but when I think of this time I remember the chilly air with a certain fondness.

Paris is just beautiful in the winter. The cafes and restaurants are decorated in pretty fairy lights and christmasy decorations. You can hear Carolers on the street, and people are running around looking for last minute gifts and food for the special day.

If you peek into the restaurants, you see happy people celebrating with a champagne toast or a warm coffee with croissant. The markets are filled with handmade chocolates, fresh bread and delicious looking cheeses.

The markets are amazing - I especially loved the ones stretching from behind the Louvre up the Champs Elysees. The waft of Churros and busting excitement are simply enchanting!

This photo is from my favourite part, Saint Germain.

Such a beautiful place to stroll and admire the little food stalls and gift shops!

Take me back!