Travel photos

The Velika Planina Sunrise
The herdsmen settlement is made traditionally and known only to the Velika Plani
The Town of Kamnik
Kamnik is surrounded by the beautiful Alps and is quite a historical little plac
View Riding up the Funicular in Bergen, Norway
Riding the Rails in Bergen, Norway
Welcome to Geoss Adventure Park
When planning a trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia, I never anticipated having the oppo
A spoonful of Slovenian pollen
Why write about honey after talking about caving, biking, golfing and kayaking?
Ribarnica Fish Market
There’s certainly no better way to TASTE Ljubljana than to join in on a culinary
Entering Mala Pasica
We decided to get down and dirty with a local cave man to explore the secrets of
Ljubljana Castle from the tower lookout overlooking the inner courtyard
If you’re not a history fanatic, but hoping to dive into a little bit of an expe
Cycling in the City of Ljubljana
While you may be able to walk through the city centre of Ljubljana by foot in 30
Golfing in Ljubljana at the Ljubljana Sport Center
I went golfing in Ljubljana. Say what? Why Ljubljana?
Kayaking the Ljubljanica River
I’ve certainly been kayaking, but I’ve never had the chance to Kayak through a c


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