African Children: Facial Expressions (Shyness)

African Children: Facial Expressions (Shyness)


This photo was taken when I lived in rural Africa, Mozambique.  Most of my free time there was spent among these children. Our relationships usually started of like this, distant, sometimes even a bit of fear.  As these kind of relationships usualy do, they eventualy led to trust.

This is the first photo of a series entitled "African Children:  Facial Expressions"

In this series I'll publish photos of children's emotions I've captured over a period of 6 months in rural Africa, Mozambique including: Shyness, fear, unconcern, mindfulness, confusion, acceptance, humbleness, trust, Kindness, sadness, pride, affection, high-spiritedness, bliss, happinness and admiration. 


Travel photo shared by Ruann Weidemann