10 Reasons to Check out Hostel Tresor in Ljubljana

10 Reasons to Check out Hostel Tresor in Ljubljana

Walking outside of the Hostel Tresor
Jazz Jam Outside of Hostel Tresor
Drinking Craft Beer at Hostel Tresor
Beautiful city night views just down the road from Hostel Tresor
Jazz Night at Hostel Tresor
Welcome to Ljubljana and Hostel Tresor

Backpacker on a budget? You’re certainly not going to have a hard time getting by in Ljubljana. The food is incredible and the budget accommodations are endless.

We decided to spend our time in Ljubljana hanging out at the Hostel Tresor, perfectly located in the centre of the town (near the 3 bridges and 50 metres from the Prešeren Square).

While I enjoy the social aspect of hostels and the numerous awesome people you get to meet when hanging out in a hostel lobby, it was great having the option to stay in one of Hostel Tresor’s twin private rooms. If you’re really on a budget, they have space for more than 130 people in 4 to 12 bedroom dorms as well.

But to make it easy…


Here’s 10 awesome reasons why we thoroughly enjoyed our time spent at Hostel Tresor:

  1. Weekly Events: The hostel hosts weekly events every day of the week including short movie nights, concerts and delicious food samplings. Our favourite events just so happened to be their Pancake Wednesday’s (with Nutella) and their Thursday night Jazz Jam Sessions!

  2. 24 Hour Reception: It was awesome being able to come in and out whenever we pleased without worrying about being locked out, I forgot my room number a couple of times so having 24 hour reception definitely helped

  3. Baggage Storage (in a vault): The hostel location itself was actually previously the home of bankers and was only built in the 20th century. This means that the bank vault is actually still there and we absolutely took advantage of this on our last day in Ljubljana to explore the city a little bit more before heading onward to Kamnik and Velika Planina

  4. Laundry Services: After an intense day of caving, there wasn’t an ounce of skin or clothing that wasn’t covered in mud. Conveniently the hostel offers self-service laundry facilities!

  5. Delicious Fresh Croissants: A fresh coffee and warm homemade croissant, what else would make your morning in Ljubljana any better?

  6. Free Wifi: Need I explain why having FREE wifi in an accommodation is SO important? Many hostels only offer wifi in the lobby areas, but I managed to spend my late evenings in bed catching up on social media

  7. Cheap Cocktails and Craft Beer: I don’t think we went one night without cocktails and craft beer at Tresor, the prices were right and the crowd was great

  8. Friendly Staff: By the end of our trip to Ljubljana we knew almost every staff member by name, it was truly an honour to meet such wonderful people

  9. Elevator Access: I did not come equipped with a backpack on this trip, so having access to the elevator was absolutely heavenly!

  10. Photo Printers: I’ve never seen this done in a hostel before, but they have two photo printers - one from your Instagram account creating mock Polaroids, and one to print your photos from a USB stick


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