Traveldudes Help Center

How to share your own travel experience:

Most important: Your travel post has to be useful for other travelers!

That means:

- your post should have around 250 - 800 words. Long enough to provide some good information and still short enough that travelers will read it.

- add a photo, to give your post a nicer look (or even more photos, if you have).

- add free lines to your text. A text is easier to read when there are short paragraphs.

- edit as many fields in the form as possible. The more you enter, the easier it will be to find your tip. Each single field contains important information for the site's usability.

- the fields with a red "*" are required fields, which have to be entered

- if you choose to start a travel diary, first use "start diary" to begin a new travel story. This will be your cover story. Write about your plans and/or introduce yourself.

When adding episodes (further posts), use "continue diary" for adding your different stages, chapters to your story. Write and share your experiences off your trip.

- you own the rights of the text, photos and/or video to share it with travelers on Traveldudes. We will of course help to promote you and your shared posts. See also the disclaimer.

- we allow to link to external sites, but we are not a link farm! Please only use links, which gives travelers a good extra value. For example, you could link to Wikipedia articles or directly to the place (museum, accommodation etc.) you are writing about.

- do NOT misuse Traveldudes to advertise your or other services/sites or in any other commercial way.