Overview South America Diary

The Endless Beach Of Cucao - Where the Devil Lost Hi

It was a time for the ocean to show its splendor.

#HolaGringo - 6 Months Through South America

I escape the european winter by backpacking South America for 6 months.

The Saga Continues! Part 2 of Shipping the Darian Ga

Part 2 of the shipping the Darian Gap saga!

Our Nightmare Story of the Garian Gap

For 3 years we are driving around the globe in our 25 year old campervan ‘ Peggy

The Perfect Travel Experience

Is there only one perfect travel experience?

I'm off to Brazil.... No, I'm not! I'

I'll stay on one of these tiny and cool looking river cruise boats.

An experience with police corruption in Brazil.

On my very first flight to Brazil, back in 2008, when I went to visit the countr

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