Overview Brazil Diary

4 Reasons for You Not to Travel!

4 reasons why not to travel is a note of reflection on the last 7 months of a RT

Love on the Road - Roadmances

Love comes when we least expect it and traveling is no exception.

An experience with police corruption in Brazil.

On my very first flight to Brazil, back in 2008, when I went to visit the countr

10 Things You Should Know About Love Motels in Brazi

When you come to Brazil, whether it's on vacation, a business trip or other

Brazilians say the funniest things

When I arrived in brazil in january 2009,one of the first things I needed to do

10 tips for independent travelers in Brazil

Here are 10 useful things to keep in mind when you are planning to take a trip i

Practical tips for driving in Brazil

Brazil is a huge and fantastic country, and the best way to discover it is by ca

Offbeat Motorcycle weekend - SE Brazil - Serra da Ma

The weekend of June 18 and 19 2011 we set out on a weekend motorcycle trip throu

Five Awesome Destinations in Brazil - The Tip of the

Being a motorcycle traveler, for me, “a place” is not as muc

Brazil: Enduro ride: Piquete - Campos do Jordão

On Nov 26, 2010, Maryel and me set out to explore a dirt road, leading east from

Cool Activity in Rio de Janeiro: Climb to the top of

Rio de Janeiro is a great place for rock climbing, and one of the more difficult

Crossing two serras on the way to Ubatuba - Costa Ve

In February 2010 I wanted to check out Ubatuba, A coastal town located at the no