Overview New Zealand Diary

Welcome to Whangarei in New Zealand

After a scenic flight over the Northern Island of New Zealand yesterday I finall

Where is my luggage?

Ive made it!

Working as an Au Pair in New Zealand

Only two weeks to go until Im sitting on a plane on my way to New Zealand. Ti

The End.

So here’s the last few days: Friday night we all went out for a fancy dinner

One love, streams, sails, etc.

So yesterday (Waitangi day) we ventured into Wellington, and decided we could pr

more Chirstchurch

Question: What’s the most hilarious thing in the world? Answer: Watching th

South Island

Saturday morning I got up early and took a taxi to the ferry, pretty disappointe


Ok! After eel feeding, we went to the beach.

Guessing Game

Question: I’m tramping through the bush (hiking through the woods) with a screwd

Dead possums and rat poison.

Today, we looking for dead possums.

Weekend off

Awesome weekend.

Maoris, sun, and sailing

Today we drove to a town called Otaki, home primarily to the indigenous Maori pe