Overview New Zealand Diary

Maori for Beginners: E p?hea ana koe?

As part of the experience of being in New Zealand I thought it would be a great

Unique New Zealand Foods to Try

Calling all foodies visiting New Zealand!

The Top Five Beaches In New Zealand

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy a perfect beach holiday, you

Kaikoura Whale Watch- An Unforgettable Experience

After a lot of 'do we, don’t we?' we booked it.

The Penguin Spotter’s Guide to the World

You might be surprised to learn that the adorable penguin can be found in a wide

Ko Mara t?ku ingoa - New Maori phrase I've lear

When I first signed up for M?ori classes it was mostly because I wanted someth

How to spend a weekend in Whangarei

So much has happened since Friday and I havent been online during the weekend so

How to party and relax in and around Whangarei

Last weekend was another great adventure with my girls - Vicky, Gritje and Raiss

The challenging life of an aupair in New Zealand

Ive now been to New Zealand for almost a month and would think of myself I have

Rugby in New Zealand - GO MID-NORTHERN!

Went to my second rugby game today. Philips team was playing (he couldnt beca

Where did the power go?

To me, a perfect Sunday includes a long sleep in, a late yummy breakfast and the

Feels like being on Drover's

McLeods Daughters is one of my favorite TV shows.