Overview East Australia Diary

East Coast Australia: Stunning

It was certainly an adventure and one I’ll never forget.

A Trip to Australia is Incomplete without Fraser Coa

I wished I had planned more time in this region to explore fully.

Fraser Coast Reveals its Wonder

Boarding the Queensland Rail Network for our ten-hour train journey down to Mary

Fraser Island’s Wild Side

I was struck by the difference between Fraser Island and other islands we’d visi

Fun packed days on Hamilton Island

Firstly, when you dock at Hamilton Island, you get the most spectacular waterfro

Ocean Rafting is the Best - Whitsundays in Australia

The Ocean Rafting Cruise had recently been given an award for being the “Best To

The Whitsundays have me falling in love with Oz once

Australia is one of those rare places on Earth where you get everything – the su

Continents of Colour

Wow, what an epic journey 4xfour has been so far! We’re now in Australia and

Camping On Fraser Island, Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. One of the thing