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Ain't Land a Bitch - From a seatbelt attack via

Like the last kernel to pop in the pot, I bounced around the co-pilot seat repea

Adventures in New Mexico, USA!

My adventures in New Mexico made for a fantastic, long weekend trip! The itin

I am in Fairbanks but my backpack isn't

Now I will continue with my inspection report which starts quite similar to Me

The backpack is packed!

Hi everybody, as Melvin already introduced me, I will write a travel diary

Exploring Alaska with Princess Cruises

A couple of weeks ago we were invited by Princess Cruises on a cruise trip to Al

HugTrainUSA leaves tomorrow!

HugTrainUSA launches from Penn Station tomorrow! We’re so excited to get this g

Welcome to the HugTrain!

Wondering what the HugTrain is?