Overview United States of America Diary

Route 66 - Day 1: From Chicago to Springfield

My wife Ali and I are from St Ives in the UK and our dream has always been to ri

Pledge of Peace

There's this organ in the middle of my chest that obliges me every second

Grand Central Terminal in New York City - More Than

Grand Central Terminal was on my to do list for my visit to New York.This place

The Hunt for Paradise

Paradise is snow. It is sun. It is cloud forests. It is sea. It is beach.

Coronado National Forest & Chiricahua National M

Red dust kicked up behind my wheels as I hugged the inner curve of the dirt road

Chefs table - with food leftovers

The ship arrived in the docklands early in the morning and the sled dog tour sta

larboard - starboard - larboard - starboard switchin

Beginnig the day with a ›Glacier Bay Balcony Breakfast‹ is

"goat, cake and coffee - I love it" (quota

goat, cake and coffee - I love it by JD (@earthXplorer) Before Boarding Cora

Last station on our land trip - view of "the mo

Last station on our land trip - the Mt.

You can't just let nature run wild!

Early breakfast - just popped into the small cafe in our lodge to get some take

Heading to Denali National Park and Wilderness

The day began with a relaxing River Train cruise. Cruising through a wonderfu

Funny bunch of tourists and extrem shopping for my l

Funny touristy people on the River Boat Discovery down the Chena / Tanana Rive