Overview United States of America Diary

Queen Califia's Magical Garden

Queen Califias Magical Garden in Escondido, CA, near San Diego, was a sight to b

Batiquitos Lagoon

I had the opportunity to visit Batiquitos Lagoon near San Diego, CA.

Snow White's Home

A unique home that I run by regularly was owned by the late Adriana Caselot

1920s Hollywood

My apartment was built in the 1920s, in the early days of Hollywood.

The Grove in Los Angeles

After my five mile run today, I visited a local Los Angeles outdoor mall, The Gr

The Ultimate USA Road Trip - 44 Days on the Road

Wanna road trip? We just did! From New York to LA in 44 days. It was amazing!

Clear and Present Rager - Washington D.C.

Not being from Washington D.C., I just always thought of the Capital as a city f

Travelers Don’t Leave Home Without It – 4 Things We

Ever watch travelers in an airport? No such thing as staying unplugged.

My Chicago - Remembering My First Night

That night, with all the lights and the noise that I seemed to be craving, was t

Grandpa’s Travel Photos - What To Do With Them?

Grandpa's pictures are a treasure.

Rikke's Travel Diary - Stay Tuned

I wanted to call this travel diary something different, something more creative,

Air Combat USA in Fullerton, Los Angeles - If You Ca

I know it's hard to find that perfect gift for someone who has everything,