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Travel to Fort Scott Kansas

A trip to Fort Scott Kansas is a great adventure of culture and history for the

Insights from the Pavement: Stop Seeking Approval

We travel to gain freedom. But to truly be free, we must be free inside.

Insights from the Pavement: Don’t Always be Right

Pride poses the biggest challenge for most of us.

Insights from the Pavement: The Balance of Calm and

While traveling, periods of calm come just as quickly as chaos.

Walking the Oregon Coast Trail: Day 1

Day 1 of my Oregon Coast Trail walk.

Insights from the Pavement: Goal-Focused on the Go

For most of us, sticking to our goals is tough business.

Insights from the Pavement: Avoiding Negative People

We all meet negative or disagreeable people along our travels.

The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, CA

On June 5, 1968 during the Presidential campaign season, United States Senator R


One of the greatest things about traveling is having a partner to explore with.

Delicious Coffee in San Francisco

I spent this past weekend in San Francisco.

Baby Hummingbird

Over the weekend, I was walking around Kit Carson Park in Escondido, CA.