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Studying Abroad in Italy Part II - Travels, Foods an

Leaving America and flying to Italy - oh what fun a 9+ hour flight brings.

Capestang's Church - In the Heart of Hérault, F

Capestang's 11th century Collegiate church, rich with history and architect

Studying Abroad in Italy Part I - Fun Things You Sho

I studied in Italy for 21 days in 2011.

Solo un assaggio ... - The Family Trattoria Experien

A short story about the traditional Italian sunday lunch

My First Solo Travel - Destination: Madrid

On the train to Madrid, I decided I would stay there for a little while.

My Favorite Sights of My Holiday in London

So, youre looking into cheap flights to London and are wondering what you will d

Falling in love with....Portugal

My first road trip in Portugal, exactly in Porto and Lisbon!! Amazing!!

Tested - The HouseTrip Apartment in East London, nex

The apartment is located just North of the Victoria Park, which is also a nice s

Road Trip Iceland: The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a 190 mile loop into Iceland’s Interior from Reykjavik.

Experiencing Iceland via The Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Drive the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and experience“Iceland in Miniature.” This road

A Personal Journey and The Smiling Coast of Africa

A reflection on Nyodema's achievements to date and my own, personal journey

Renting a Car in Iceland on a Budget

Not renting a car in Iceland is like buying a ticket to a movie and leaving afte