Overview Europe Diary

Albania - The Unexplored Riviera

There is so much more to say about this country and its people.

MAYDAY French Celebration

Another holiday?

Paris to Me

I’ve seen a number of changes and learned my way. Today I see a Paris both pu

Bye, Bye Rome! Hello Florence - Studying in Italy Pa

Our groups leaves Rome and heads to Florence where we narrowly miss being served

Westfalia Van Traveling Europe? Where to go!

Rent a van and travel Europe, where do you go from here?

Holy Hell it's the Colosseum - Studying Abroad

The Coloseum is the coolest place in all of Rome.

Graffiti Jam in Capestang - Creative Art and Mind Bl

200 street artists unite for graffiti jam 2011, 1 year anniversary approaches in

Feeling Like a Kid in Lisbon

In small pub on the back streets of Lisbon I was took back to my youth!

2 Room Luxury Apartment at Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin

Berlin is huge and there are really a lot of accommodations to choose from. The

Berlin Hotels - Tested

Berlin is one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers worldwide.

Studying Abroad in Italy Part III - Horrors at the V

The Vatican! A scary scary time.

Saints, Sinners, Pilgrims and Kings

I have visited many monasteries and abbeys in Italy on a parallel journey of art