Overview Europe Diary

Showing my Mom the Mediterranean Sea

Took my mom whose visiting from Canada to see the Med sea for the first time.

Canal Du Midi Sickness Killing the Plane Trees

The canal du midid is famous but it may have an expiration date.

Dining in the Dark at Unsicht-Bar in Berlin

While dining in the dark at unsicht-Bar in Berlin, Esme and the couple next to h

Little Known Latvia and the Change of Riga

Travel to Latvia, Riga, Jurmala and returning to roots.

Capestang Wine Tours in France - Two Ideal Locations

A personal tour chauffeured by the lovely Alfonz, starting at the world heritage

Paws in the Finnish Wilderness and the Old No-Go Zon

Clinging on desperately as the huskies madly accelerated from 0-30 in 2 seconds

#Blogmanay at Edinburgh's Hogmanay - One of the

You've never heard of #Blogmanay? Have you heard of Hogmanay?

Aphrodite's Birthplace and Other Highlights on

Petra Tou Romiou, aka Aphrodite’s Rock, is the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite

Red Shores of Lake Salagou, France

Martian red earth, cacti and forest shade offer an alternative to the hot sandy

Paphos Mosaics - Preserved for more than 2000 Years

Even if I am Italian, I never saw one of those famous Roman houses with mosaics.