Overview Europe Diary

Time in Italy with @StoryTravelers

Caspar Diederik is one of the most interesting people I have had a pleasure to s

Venezia - Of Land and Water

I don't remember to have ever made Venice a priority on my see-the-whole-wo

A Romp in the South of France/ Day 1: Bordeaux - St.

With a sour twist of events, my romp in the south of France became something ent

The Magic of London

With a tremendous selection of attractions, places to see and millions of things

Catalunya days

First time in Barcelona?

Road Trip through France & Spain in a Campervan

Our adventure started in France, we were so excited.

My low cost tips to get your very best of London

My favorite city to travel to is London.

How to Be Lazy In Venice

"Holidays should never be hard work!" It’s a mantra that’s served me w

Sun, sea and Sardinia

DH Lawrence wrote Sea and Sardinia.

A Yoga Break with a Difference in Serbia

I've never really been one for relaxation - until I collided head on with a

Living and Exploring Emilia-Romagna in Italy for a F

This is the longest time Ive stayed abroad in one specific destination for a loo

I Concede to Cheese: French Raclette

Imagine a meal consisting of mostly melted oowey gooey cheese.