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Falling in Love with the Swiss Alps and Mother Natur

Ready for some wanderlust? Come here and marvel at the beauty of the Swiss Alps!

Paws in the Finnish Wilderness and the Old No-Go Zon

Clinging on desperately as the huskies madly accelerated from 0-30 in 2 seconds

Planning an Awesome Trip with an Epic Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation plays a very important role by making your trip

A day in the life. Sailing around Malta

How is it to sail around the Maltese archipelago on a 12m yacht?

Normandy, D-Day - Review: Overlordtour

It's a Full Day on Overlordtour's Band of Brothers / D-Day tour

17 Reasons Why I Love Budapest a Lot!

I visited places outside the town and I went to some friends’ house party to liv

Creating Harmonies at the Madonna della Bruna Festiv

The Madonna della Bruna Festival represents all that Southern Italy has to offer

"I saw a place I like, it's called world

Just a young, lively and radiant girl from Sardinia, Italy.Do I need to say anyt

Munich: Oktoberfest Fail

Despite the best advice, sometimes it just does not work out.

Saschiz: The Unknown Transylvanian Saxon Village “Hi

Discover an unknown beautiful place in Romania, Saschiz.

Ignite Your Senses in Matera

Sometimes in the world of the working, it pays to be able to slow down, take a b