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Does Social Media got a small influence in the trave

If you read one of the newest Press Releases of the World Travel Market in Londo

The feeling of a Formula 1 day in Valencia

After enjoying the Land of Valencia, the big weekend was getting closer... The

The Parable of a Parador - No Pasaran! Part One

Harry turned off the engine, thumped the steering wheel and shouted, “

Benidorm in Spain is the Miami of Europe

Im a backpacker and independent traveler! Should I really write about a place l

Experience the land of Valencia in Spain

Wicked! I got invited by landofvalencia.com to experience the beautiful cit

The best of Croatia is definitely the Plitvice Lakes

First we had been a bit disappointed about Croatia, but then we got to the Plitv

Our two day sailing trip in Croatia was... ???speci

Up to now we had a very moving trip...

After missing our flights to Bali, we missed the cit

What is worse for an independant traveler / backpacker than hotel animation?

That felt like a good day today... finally

Finally we felt like our trip started! First thing we did was to hire kayaks

Instead of getting to Bali, we are now in Slovenia a

This is a complete new experience...