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Hitting the road for Traveldudes - Costa Brava Blogt

Who knew a damaged meniscus could bring me to Costa Brava...

Monastery of Montserrat - Catalonia

Barcelona has plenty to see and do but still, a day trip to Montserrat is well w

Asturias Yummy Little Delicacies

The Asturians love good food. Who really likes to have a wonderfull food ex

¡Vamos! Asturias cider tradition

We had a wonderful start of our trip with turismo Asturias in Oviedo. For e

Asturias, Natural Paradise - Traveldudes hitting the

Traveldude Emlyn is reporting from the blogtrip Asturias, Natural Paradise next

If I could keep a Secret Place - Wengen

If I could keep a Secret Place all to myself, it would be Wengen in Switzerland,

My Visit to Switzerland - Einsiedeln

It is awesome to visit cities, but it is so lovely to head for the hills anywher

The Vibrant City of Antwerp

Antwerp is such a vibrant city, it is a mix between old and new - on the one han

The future of the internet and the importance of tra

The future of the internet: I find the recent WikiLeaks story really inte

My Visit to Switzerland - Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973

I was privileged last week to be able to visit the Kunsthaus, Zurich, where they

The Damanhur Community Northern Italy

Like most city dwellers, I ached to get away; not only to bask in the Italian su

The Beauty of Southern France

France is not always Paris, that s for sure.