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Saint Stephen's Day Celebration

4 day Saint Stephen's day celebrations;open markets, vendors, folk arts, fi

Innsbruck - Capital of the Alps

Innsbruck, one of Austria's oldest cities, is probably every woman's d

Day 3 - 4: Czechout Party

Soon after we entered the Czech Republic, we left the motorway for stunning wind

Day 1 - 3: Goodwood, England to Germany

The Mongol Rally sets off from Goodwood racetrack in an event known as the festi

A thorny adventure - Cleadale, Isle of Eigg in Scotl

When I first discovered that the thistle was a national emblem of Scotland, I th

Nicholae & One-eye

This is Nicholae and One-eye (still pretty sure he had two good eyes, he's

Kiev & the Sex Tourists

I never really knew what to expect from Kiev.

65 Things I’ve Taken Round the World for a Year

Twenty-six days ago I left London to travel the world for a year. I took a long

I’m Not a Natural Traveller

I left London on the eighth of May for a year.

Social Media Event and Seafood Paella in Valencia, S

After a couple of delayed flights and a stopover in Madrid, we finally made it t

The Day I Jumped Out Of A Plane - Parachuting In Cos

Im not nervous. Yes, everything is good.