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The History of Blewcoat School

Blewcoat School is a secret place that is not known to many.

The Magic of London

With a tremendous selection of attractions, places to see and millions of things

My low cost tips to get your very best of London

My favorite city to travel to is London.

My Favorite Sights of My Holiday in London

So, youre looking into cheap flights to London and are wondering what you will d

Tested - The HouseTrip Apartment in East London, nex

The apartment is located just North of the Victoria Park, which is also a nice s

Tested - The Roomarama Short Term Rental in Brick La

Have you ever thought of staying in an apartment when visiting London instead of

Tested - The base2stay Hotel in Kensington, London

On their homepage it says its a boutique and luxury budget hotel. Interesting!

London Hotels - Tested

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers worldwide.

65 Things I’ve Taken Round the World for a Year

Twenty-six days ago I left London to travel the world for a year. I took a long

The future of the internet and the importance of tra

The future of the internet: I find the recent WikiLeaks story really inte

Does Social Media got a small influence in the trave

If you read one of the newest Press Releases of the World Travel Market in Londo