Overview Italy Diary

Epic Three: City Trip to Rome, Barcelona and Madrid

Three amazing European cities in one trip. Which one will be the best?

Formula 1 in Monza, Italy: Let's Get Some

How to extend your Formula 1 race weekend in Monza, Italy:

Creating Harmonies at the Madonna della Bruna Festiv

The Madonna della Bruna Festival represents all that Southern Italy has to offer

Ignite Your Senses in Matera

Sometimes in the world of the working, it pays to be able to slow down, take a b

Time in Italy with @StoryTravelers

Caspar Diederik is one of the most interesting people I have had a pleasure to s

How to Be Lazy In Venice

"Holidays should never be hard work!" It’s a mantra that’s served me w

Sun, sea and Sardinia

DH Lawrence wrote Sea and Sardinia.

Living and Exploring Emilia-Romagna in Italy for a F

This is the longest time Ive stayed abroad in one specific destination for a loo

Deromanticizing Rome

I went to Italy, scene of ancient battles, gladiators and perverted pleasures...

Welcome warm, weather cold (and rainy)

Warm welcome, shitty weather and the indoor swimming pool that saved our first d

Bye, Bye Rome! Hello Florence - Studying in Italy Pa

Our groups leaves Rome and heads to Florence where we narrowly miss being served