Overview South France Diary

A Romp in the South of France/ Day 1: Bordeaux - St.

With a sour twist of events, my romp in the south of France became something ent

Road Trip through France & Spain in a Campervan

Our adventure started in France, we were so excited.

I Concede to Cheese: French Raclette

Imagine a meal consisting of mostly melted oowey gooey cheese.

Showing my Mom the Mediterranean Sea

Took my mom whose visiting from Canada to see the Med sea for the first time.

Canal Du Midi Sickness Killing the Plane Trees

The canal du midid is famous but it may have an expiration date.

Red Shores of Lake Salagou, France

Martian red earth, cacti and forest shade offer an alternative to the hot sandy

Bize Minervois Along the River Cesse

15 minutes from Capestang lie the Bize - Minervois and the refreshing waters of

Capestang's International Choir

Joined the local choir of Capestang to enjoy the many health benefits of singing

Experience a Car-Boot Sale in Salleles-d'Aude,

Our family finally joins the masses and goes to our first car-boot sale in Franc

Escale en Canal Lirou - Music Festival Capestang

Capestang community enjoys an evening of music and fun, along the Canal during e

Summer Solstice Music Festival, France

Summer solstice music festivals throughout France offer tourists a treat, free o