Overview Vietnam Diary

Discovering Hanoi

I took a break from work and spent the last several days traveling in Hanoi, Hal

perfect Thursday

Oh Magical Fruit Smoothie-how you delight my every tasteful scent.


Well, sorry for the delay in posting.

Quang Ngai and My Lai

I just returned this afternoon from a day trip to Quang Ngai (3 hour care ride o

My Khe Beach

What is now called My Khe Beach, was “China Beach” for the US Soldiers during th

Vietnamese Grocery Shopping

I almost forgot to tell you about my least favorite experience I have had so far

The Children

It is so amazing to me how fast time goes… I returned from Hoi An on Sunday e

Happy 4th of July from Hoi An

So much has happened in the last few days! Thursday afternoon I went with Jen


I forgot one footnote: about the motorbikes.

Ba Na Hill

Xin chao! Amazing, busy, unforgettable day! I love it here.

first impressions

Today was a reminder that first impressions are not always the best way to judge


I am so tired, I’m beyond sleepy.