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Uganda, The Volunteer Life, Week 3

OK, our internet’s been down for almost a week now, so you all get a double dose

Uganda, The Volunteer Life, Week 2

Hi all again So it’s the end of week two – more crazy times in the Bulenga ho

1st Week

Hi all!! So here I am in Uganda – it’s been a pretty crazy ride already, and

Uganda - The Volunteer Life - By Karen Graaff

I’ve had 7 injections in the past 3 weeks, started taking doxicycline last night

That's a whoooole lotta babies!

Wednesday like usual starts off at the Bbira Health Center where along with eith

Murchison Falls 9/2-9/4

There is one trip I really wanted to make while in Uganda and that was to Murchi

Why Travel? The People!

Are you one of those people with those "I have this one friend" narrat

Thank You!

This update is a THANK YOU to all who have made this day possible.

Jinja Weekend

To let off steam and get a great chance to hang out and have some fun, the volun

Outside Look at Life in the Slums

With no testing this week, I asked Patrick, head of Raising Up Hope for Uganda i

Where Am I!?!?

Kampala shopping list; 2 tshirts size: for a small 11/2 yr old boys but big e

You should have a boda-boda driver in your "top

There is a point in any new experience where you feel relaxed enough to ease up