Overview Africa Diary

Mesmerizing Morocco

Morocco has been the inspiration of artists and writers for decades, and if you

Returning to My Mauritius

It's not „just“ a luxury or wedding destination, but Mauritius got so much

Balule Lion Prides: Standing Strong in Southern Afri

Lions, famed across the world for their majestic beauty, strength and raw power,

Road Trip Through the Transkei

Wild, friendly and awesome, here is our 7 day roadtrip along transkei cost

Stellenbosch: Awesome Scenery with Delicious Food an

I'm looking forward to experience the Stellenbosch Bucket List!

My Time in Ghana

I love the people in Ghana, their spirit is invigorating and full of life, which

Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi

Tracking the Silverback Gorilla's in the Bwindi Jungle in Uganda is an expe

South Africa Travel Encyclopaedia

This write-up is about South Africa as a country.

Let's #meetSouthAfrica for some Adventure and F

My bag is packed and I even bought some new trekking shoes!

Cape Town Eco Film Festival 2014

27th March, 2014 marks the launch of inaugural Cape Town Eco Film Festival, an e

A Heavenly Escape to Accra

Accra is home to a garden that would take your breath away.

Let's Explore the Adventurous and Luxurious #My

What kind of holiday would you expect when flying to Mauritius?