Overview Uganda Diary

Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi

Tracking the Silverback Gorilla's in the Bwindi Jungle in Uganda is an expe

1/2 Marathons and rafting crater lakes oh my! Volunt

So it has been an even more crazy time than usual recently, thanks to the arriva

Another week down, more adventures under my belt, Vo

"Go slow - fast finish construction at work" (Actual sign seen at

Making Lives Out of Nothing, Volunteer Life in Ugand

So it’s been a busy couple days out this end (in a nice contrast to recent weeks

Elections, health centres and new possibilities, Vol

So things have been pottering along in their merry African village way here.

Halfway, Volunteer Life, Uganda

So I’m about to get to the halfway stage of being here, which is crazy in all ki

Hiking Kisoro, Uganda, most amazing experiences I’ve

So end of week 5 Time seems to be picking up pace here, and I’m already almo

1 month! and a crazy week to boot! Volunteer Life in

Hi all! So here I am almost at the end of my first month.

Uganda, The Volunteer Life, Week 3

OK, our internet’s been down for almost a week now, so you all get a double dose

Uganda, The Volunteer Life, Week 2

Hi all again So it’s the end of week two – more crazy times in the Bulenga ho

1st Week

Hi all!! So here I am in Uganda – it’s been a pretty crazy ride already, and

Uganda - The Volunteer Life - By Karen Graaff

I’ve had 7 injections in the past 3 weeks, started taking doxicycline last night