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Relax at the Natural Hot Pools at Ngawha Springs in

A friend of mine took me to Ngawha Springs (pronounced Nafa) yesterday - some na

Sightseeing in Auckland With the Ferry

The following destinations have become very popular for travelers and locals.

The Famous Routeburn Track in New Zealand

The Routeburn Track is nearly as famous as the Milford Track, but many people th

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Kayaking is an exciting water sport that can be done on almost any water body.

Tips for Getting Around New Zealand

New Zealand is a great country for backpackers and it offers a lot of options fo

Good Reasons Why New Zealand Should be Your Next Tra

Tucked away in the bottom corner of the world map is the small speck called New

Moving To New Zealand

New Zealand is a natural emigration destination for people from many parts of th

32 Things Not to Miss in New Zealand

32 of the best things to do in New Zealand.

Places to Visit in New Zealand

If you are travelling to the land of picturesque landscapes and natural wonders,

Why Blenheim, New Zealand Doesn't Suck

Blenheim is a small town on the North tip of the South Island that may not seem

Getting Hitched - The Practical Guide to Hitchhiking

Jumping into a car with a total stranger is a great way to travel!