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How to spend a rainy day in Wellington

Yesterday probably was the worst day of my whole trip so far when it comes to we

5 tips for how to spend a Saturday in Wellington, Ne

Here are some things that I already would recommend anyone to do on a Saturday i

BNZ Centre Food Court in Wellington, New Zealand

There is a food court in the basement of the big black square tower on the corne

Getting around Wellington, New Zealand, by bus

Wellington city itself has an extensive network of buses, including a significan

Discover Wellington, New Zealand, on foot

The core of Wellington is notably compact and vibrant, and is well-suited to exp

Nice lookout points of Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington City is surrounded by hills, so there are a number of good vantage po

24 sights and highlights of Wellington, New Zealand

You shouldn't get bored in Wellington, New Zealand with these travel tips.

Wellington, harbour city and capitol of New Zealand

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand.