Overview Australia tips

Snorkelling along the Great Barrier Reef

If I had a bucket list prepared and well written snorkelling on the Great Barrie

Australia: 8 Tips as an American

Traveling to Australia?

Check out Hostels even if You're not Staying in

Utilize hostels. You never know what you will find that changes your whole trip.

A Guide to the Best Cities in Australia!

Australian landscapes range from tropical rain forests to large deserts, to the

Be Ready for the Campervan Trips Around Great Ocean

Be fully equipped for the campervan trips around Great Ocean Road of Australia

Aussies Only Have Pies For You!

Could Australia's claim to culinary fame be the salty, black sticky spread

Coral Resort Bakery, Coral Bay, Western Australia

On Australia's Coral Coast you can't really look forward to ma

Good Reasons Why People Migrate to Australia

What might be good reasons to move to Australia? Let’s have a look at a few:

Base St Kilda: A Hostel Among the Night Life

For an accommodation in the heart of all the fun, Base Melbourne is a unique-sty

Melbourne: One of the Best Cities on Earth

No other city in Australia is so diverse and rich in different styles, cultures

Australian East Coast: Avoiding the Stereotypes

Australia's East coast is renowned for it's party scene - but how do y